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Superhero stories aren't romances, are they?

Exclusive to the Kensington City Examiner

Of course they are. Aren’t all stories really just love stories? Whether the tale involves falling in love with the hero or fighting for those we love, love is unquestionably integral to the storytelling process. Some might argue otherwise, but there can be no stronger motivation in the universe, no greater superpower!

Most superheroes have love interests and are motivated, and often conflicted, by love. The recent motion picture Dead Pool is a classic example of a superhero romance. But the traditional superhero often keeps his love connection in check. This is surprising: what’s the point in keeping the love strings tight when love motivates so much of a story?

Today, we’re just beginning to see the crossover of superheroes into the romance genre. For romance, paranormal has been the order of the day—shapeshifters, vampires, wizards, fairies, and other magical creatures. But comes now Electromancer, a combination romance, paranormal, and fantasy, with a strong dose of classic comic-book superhero. Why is Electromancer unique? Because unlike other superheroes, she’s not afraid to bare her heart and soul and yes, even her body, in pursuit of love.

In some ways, Electromancer is not unlike the superheroes from the beloved comics of yesteryear, when Superman, Batman, Spiderman, and Wonder Woman ruled. These and other classic superheroes thwart evil, save us from disaster, and then leave us hanging, anxious to experience the next episode in their continuing battle for truth and justice.

But how does Electromancer and other romance superheroes differ from these earlier characters? In the traditional superhero story, we’re not guaranteed the happy-ever-after ending. In the traditional paranormal story, we are led to believe that—eeeek!—there may really be some mysterious force or monstrous not-of-this-world being that might still take us to the dark side. But in a romance superhero story, we get a bigger bang for our buck—the larger-than-life fantasy and the heart-rending love story. Romance superheroes may just be the biggest earthshattering phenomena to hit the universe … or multiverse. Call it superlove!

So what’s the novel Electromancer all about? The story is set in the very near future on an earthlike planet with earth-like cities. It features Alexa Manchester, the heiress to her brilliant father’s energy corporation, and his magical element, Electromite, which could solve the world’s energy problems. Until everything goes wrong, and Electromancer must save the day. And that’s where all the Kabam! Pow! and Zap! come in.

But here also comes the romance: Electromancer can’t do it alone. So who’s Electromancer’s love interest? The handsome mayor of her town, Kensington City, who might someday lead the country of Britannia? Or the mysterious Blue Arrow, half-cloud, half-man, who appears and disappears in a flash? And who in heavens name is trying to shut down the world’s energy supply and take over the planet? That’s what I, reporter D.S. Auffenorde of the Kensington City Examiner, intend to find out.

So join me as I set off on an investigatory assignment to discover the truth. I intend to get to the bottom of Electromancer’s mysterious existence and discover what her intentions are. There’s no assignment too tough. I’ll do what it takes to ferret out and interview all of these characters. Because with every assignment I take on, it’s not the end result that makes the story worthy of reporting, but the journey as it is told through the lives of others. So whether you’re starting with this column or must return to previous post to catch up, follow along as the story is picked up over the wire.
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