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Is Energy Heiress Truly in the Dark about the identity of Electromancer?

Exclusive to the Kensington City Examiner

Deciding to show up unannounced—ambush journalism is one of my specialties—I was greeted at the front door of Alexa Manchester’s mansion by the sober, but extraordinarily handsome butler, Sigfred Sawyer. When I asked to see his employer, he tried to put me off, but after I told him that I’d interviewed superhero Electromancer the day before, he relented. Moments later, Ms. Manchester came down the stairs and invited me into her study. In a flash, that gorgeous butler, Sawyer, had served us delicious tea and divine scones prepared by Manchester’s longtime chef, the renowned but high-strung Yon Yurdlemon. In the interests of journalistic integrity, this reporter must acknowledge that Sigfred Sawyer’s presence was a bit of a distraction—servant or not, what a hunk!

Reporter: Ms. Manchester, I interviewed Electromancer recently, and your name came up.

Alexa: I’ve read about her exploits in the newspaper. A breath of fresh air in these troubled times.

Reporter: Electromancer says that she has some connection to the Electromite. Your late father discovered the Electromite. Which means that you must have some sort of relationship with Electromancer. And with all these power outages that are occurring at plants that your company owns—

Alexa: If you print that, I’ll be forced to call my lawyers. Electromite, the meteorite that my father discovered, is a force for good, an inexhaustible energy source that will solve the world’s energy problems.

Reporter: Your power plant here in Kensington City is called The Mick.

Alexa: Yes, named after my father, Mickey Manchester.

Reporter: Why did The Mick blow up?

Alexa: That’s under investigation.

Reporter: Some claim you sabotaged it to drive energy prices go up. Also sabotaged your plant in The Big Apple.

Alexa: I had nothing to do with that. There’s a man named Momo the authorities should be looking for. That’s where you’ll find your answers.

Reporter: Your fiancée, Mayor Bobby Baumgartner, claims that there is no Momo. How do you respond to that?

Alexa: Mayor Baumgartner is not my fiancée. Well, he is my fiancée, but he’s not … [At this point, the sexy butler, Sawyer, stomped out of the room for reasons unknown.] Anyway, Momo is all too real. Bent on taking over the world.

Reporter: Have you ever heard of someone who goes by the name of Blue Arrow?

Alexa: My father used to tell me stories about him. An archer who’s part man, part cloud.

Reporter: Let me ask you about your butler. Good-looking fellow, don’t you think? You must find yourself distracted by someone that drop-dead handsome.

Alexa: [Ms. Manchester blushed.] I don’t know what you mean. He’s my employee.

Reporter: I also understand that your hot-tamale butler is known to wield a large umbrella. Is there any truth to that?

Alexa: [Blushing again.] I beg your pardon! Where do you hear such things?

Reporter: I have my sources. In fact, Ms. Manchester, I feel like I know everything there is to know about you.

Alexa: I’m engaged to The Mayor. Well, not exactly engaged … it’s complicated and has nothing to do with this interview. In fact, this interview is over.

Reporter: [Alexa Manchester suddenly rose from her chair and stormed out of the room.]

Alexa: Sigfred, see this “lady” out immediately.

Sigfred: It’d be my pleasure, Madame. You know how I dislike the media.

Reporter: Just a few more questions, Ms. Manchester! [When I tried to follow her, that foxy valet, Sigfred Sawyer, accosted me, umbrella in hand. It was indeed an imposing umbrella.]

Sigfred: Right this way … what is your name again?

Reporter: If you wouldn’t mind, I have a few questions I’d like to ask you, Mr. Sawyer.

Sigfred: If you don’t mind my saying so, you can find your answers in the novel, Electromancer.

Reporter: Believe me, big boy. I’ve read that book more than anyone in these parts. I do appreciate the recommendation though.

There’s more to this Sawyer fellow than meets the eye, I’m sure. In any event, I was unceremoniously shown the door. In this reporter’s opinion, these individuals have something to hide. I intend to find out exactly what that is, and there’s only one person whom I think can now clarify matters—Mayor Bobby Baumgartner, the presumed-to-be next prime minister of our mother homeland, Britannia.
Follow my investigatory column to learn more exciting facts about Electromancer, and in the meantime, take Mr. Sawyer’s advice and learn more about Alexa Manchester, Sigfred Sawyer, and others in the romantic, thrilling, superhero novel, Electromancer.
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