Would your life ever be the same if your family unexpectedly won a trip to China? If all you’ve ever known was the rural countryside of Alabama, its soybean fields, and southern-fried traditions, would you be willing to embrace the teachings and splendor of another culture?

Franz Thomas knows he’s not one for the farming way of life like his father. With his vivid imagination, he sees life as an adventure. If given the opportunity, he’d like nothing more than to learn about Treasure Ships and the origin of mooncakes, or the saga of the Sage Kings and why a group of Buddhist teenage girls might want to save the life of a baby whale.

Join Franz on his unforgettable journey in Chinabound.

Selected Works

Fiction, A Romantic Thriller released April 8th, 2013
Her mission is to launch Libra...but the price Jordan Jakes must pay is love.
Mainstream Fiction, coming soon
Journey from a soybean field of rural Alabama to experience the grandeur of China.

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