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Daco is guest on StarTalk Radio with Neil Degrasse Tyson. Tune in to find out what happens when you let a physicist name his child.

Season 4, Episode 15: "Cosmic Queries: Answers at the Speed of Light."

"Do you need music or absolute silence when writing?"

11 top thriller writers weigh in.

"How Romance Fiction is like practicing law"

Why do so many lawyers write in the romance genre? It's popular, and it also generates over a billion in sales, which translates into the largest share of the U.S. consumer book market, per the Business of Consumer Book Publishing.

"Rolling. Speed. Action. Cut! … Darn, Take Two! Rewriting and the Zen of Film" by Daco

"If the thing to remember when purchasing property is location, location, location, then the thing to remember when writing is…well…not writing at all. It’s rewriting." -- Clay Stafford

"Superheroes get super-sexy in new romance subgenre"

Learn how superheroes are finding their place in the romance genre in Joyce Lamb's USA Today Happy Ever After blog.

"First-time Alabama romance writer faces the choice: bedroom door open or closed?" by Lee Roop

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama – When things inevitably got hot between the main characters of “The Libra Affair,” her first romantic suspense novel, Huntsville attorney and author Daco Auffenorde faced one of modern romance fiction’s turning points: bedroom door open or bedroom door closed?

Daco is guest on Bewitching Radio Interview with G. L. Ross April 2016.