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Is Electromancer a High-Voltage Superhero?

Exclusive to the Kensington City Examiner

Yesterday, I had a highly charged, exclusive interview with Electromancer, the woman some here in Kensington City are calling a superhero and others are calling a menace. She met with me just before dusk in the dark shadows of the Sugar Express Train Depot, that once thriving, now broken-down train station where honeymooners once embarked on their adventures but where sinister characters, vagrants, and do-gooders now lurk. At precisely five o’clock as measured by the stately city landmark Big Benny, a there was a blinding flash of light. Moments later, I was in the presence of a stunningly beautiful woman with a body more perfect and muscular than any trainer at the Kensington City Spa & Workout Club. Like most superheroes, Electromancer wears a costume. Hers is unusual, made of a material that is as light and soft as silk but seems as durable as titanium. When I asked her if the platinum body suit, boots, and gloves bore a designer label, she said in a crystalline voice, “Couture.” Her waist-length hair shimmered like polished silver. Here’s what she had to say before zooming off to her next superhero exploit:

DA: Do you consider yourself a superhero?

E: I’m just an ordinary woman determined to right wrongs anyway I can.

DA: But you do have some unique powers uncharacteristic of ordinary humans?

E: Do you mean flying? We all fly.  Read More 
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Superhero stories aren't romances, are they?

Exclusive to the Kensington City Examiner

Of course they are. Aren’t all stories really just love stories? Whether the tale involves falling in love with the hero or fighting for those we love, love is unquestionably integral to the storytelling process. Some might argue otherwise, but there can be no stronger motivation in the universe, no greater superpower!

Most superheroes have love interests and are motivated, and often conflicted, by love. The recent motion picture Dead Pool is a classic example of a superhero romance. But the traditional superhero often keeps his love connection in check. This is surprising: what’s the point in keeping the love strings tight when love motivates so much of a story?

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