The Libra Affair
In The Libra Affair, world domination hangs in the balance as Jordan Jakes and Ben Johnson scramble to launch a missile buried in a remote desert of Iran and take a chance on love. The fast-paced story explores how we gain balance among nations and ourselves.

When a traveling salesman entices the Thomas family to purchase a deluxe vacuum cleaner with the hope of winning a vacation trip of a lifetime, no one ever expected the judge at the county fair to announce the Thomas family won a trip to one, especially not eleven-year old Franz Thomas.

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Selected Works

Fiction, A Romantic Thriller released April 8th, 2013
Her mission is to launch Libra...but the price Jordan Jakes must pay is love.
Mainstream Fiction, coming soon
Journey from a soybean field of rural Alabama to experience the grandeur of China.

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