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Is Energy Heiress Truly in the Dark about the identity of Electromancer?

Exclusive to the Kensington City Examiner

Deciding to show up unannounced—ambush journalism is one of my specialties—I was greeted at the front door of Alexa Manchester’s mansion by the sober, but extraordinarily handsome butler, Sigfred Sawyer. When I asked to see his employer, he tried to put me off, but after I told him that I’d interviewed superhero Electromancer the day before, he relented. Moments later, Ms. Manchester came down the stairs and invited me into her study. In a flash, that gorgeous butler, Sawyer, had served us delicious tea and divine scones prepared by Manchester’s longtime chef, the renowned but high-strung Yon Yurdlemon. In the interests of journalistic integrity, this reporter must acknowledge that Sigfred Sawyer’s presence was a bit of a distraction—servant or not, what a hunk!

Reporter: Ms. Manchester, I interviewed Electromancer recently, and your name came up.

Alexa: I’ve read about her exploits in the newspaper. A breath of fresh air in these troubled times.

Reporter: Electromancer says that she has some connection to the Electromite. Your late father discovered the Electromite. Which means that you must have some sort of relationship with Electromancer. And with all these power outages that are occurring at plants that your company owns—  Read More 
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